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What I honestly hope is that if anyone sees my posts they read my posts before assuming I’m a brony apologist. I want discussion not “wah wah not all bronies are like that my ass” and if I do come off like that thy tell me DIRECTLY instead of villainizing me without me knowing. Then I can fix my behavior.

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Pfft me.

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Yeah I’m gonna be THAT brony if it means that people will stop hating on us and actually start discussions about the goods and bads of the fandom and not lump us all together into the same category

  #I know it's really close to the lame not ALL guys are like that argument    #But it's that    #saying all bronies are bad    #or all bronies are angels    #and if thi means we can take a step to stopping the lame brony hate    #I WILL BE DEVILS ADVOCTE    #grabs pitchfork    #hopefully I won't end up like pinkie pony  

I am SICK AND TIRED OF BRONY HATE. From now on I’m going to be responding to every single brony hate that I see pass my dash on my reblogging account and tag it #brony defense. It sucks cause I had to unfollow one of my favorite yugioh blogs because she was just reblogging so much brony hate.


What if in a zombie apocalypse someone runs around in a giant hamsterball? Zombies can’t get in and if you make holes you could probably make little gun slots to kill zombies in…

I got the interview… I GOT THE INTERVIEW!!!

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So my mom REALLY Hates my homemade skirt… Says it makes me ugly and I’ll get laughed at if I wear it outside and that people are laughing on the inside when they see me wear it… Well I DONT CA-A-A-A-A-ARE. JOKES ON YOU I THINK IM ADORABLE. JUST FOR THAT IM WEARING IT ALL WEEK NEXT WEEK

The pink one in your earlier selfie? I think it really worked!

Thanks man that means a lot :3

Babscon was awesome! Details tomorrow

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