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uhm basically right after they made everyone leave the con center, we stood outside the doors and a short black man with scars all over his face and like crack teeth but a very nice camera approached me and was like

"can i get a picture lady"

he made me feel uneasy so i told him “now is not a good time, i am not up for a photo but thank you”

and he immediately starts snapping nonstop pictures so i cover myself with my bag and hid behind my friends and he actively followed me chasing me with his camera yelling things like “you here arent you. you need to give me your picture. dont play a photographer like that” etc etc we tell him frantically “stop, delete those, stop taking pictures” and he doesnt stop taking picture after picture of me while i am running behind my friends

we were forced to actually run away from him

while he chased us with his camera

and we made it to the sheraton but i was shaking so hard and having a mild panic attack

he didnt seem like he was part of the convention, he was just a passerby or he came specifically to take pictures of people but he seemed almost homeless except for his expensive looking nikon camera

i was scared that if we stayed he would have gotten violent with me

and the worst thing was that he knew to ask for permission to photograph

but then i said no politely and he decided he didnt need permission

so he wasnt just ignorant of candid photos, he knew the common courtesy of asking he just did not care about my permission after i said no

i was so scared he was going to attack me violently

Ugh I can’t believe that happened.Actually, yes I can.

This reminded me of when I was walking from my hotel to get to the convention center as Pinkie Pie and I got yelled at about how cute I was from a bunch of guys in a bus. I had my stop sign so I just held it up to them, which I think might have stopped them. But it was nothing compared to this. It’s impossible for every cosplayer to carry around a stop sign to tell people to stop it.

What a skeeze. HE deserves getting that camera thrown into the street if that was going to be how he acted. I hate the assumption that people’s opinions are not needed if they’re not dressed up in “normal clothing”. “Oh you’re all dressed up. That means what you want doesn’t matter if it’s not in line with mine”. It’s just so childish and stupid.


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So many awesome cosplayERS  SOBS

corbinite I have found you and your sis again!


Sacanime part 1!!!! I was Astrid, rapunzel and Giselle so if anyone finds a pic of me I’d love to see it!!!

corbinite is the Gene and His sister was Louise!

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I think my tolerance of people is going down. Feels like I’ve been thinking too negatively lately. Maybe I should isolate myself from people for a while…

New target for tumblr

New target for tumblr

in a nutshell

in a nutshell

So apparently my drawing style becomes more anime with pressure. Don’t quite know exactly how to think

So apparently my drawing style becomes more anime with pressure. Don’t quite know exactly how to think

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Why do robots need two eyes? I mean do they need depth perception if they like light sensors that tell them not to bump into stuff?

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So I just found the Korean dub for My Little Pony and OMG… it’s not them…yet it fits so well…

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